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Join forces to reach great places together

Extended reach of family bike journeys with safe tow.

Bond that makes two a team

2Riders is a cable bike tow system with a patented safety disconnect mechanism that automatically detaches the tow cable in emergency situations.

Ride wherever you want, stamina of the youngest child does not limit you anymore! Transfer of force ensures everyone is happy all the way long.

Easy mounting – clutch

Adjustable for handlebars of different thicknesses.

Easy mounting – coiler

Solid screws, works with seatposts of different thickness.

The boom ensures that the ball rolled by the coiler does not get caught in the spokes.

Connecting takes just 2 seconds

After the clutch and coiler are attached, we connect the bikes in and… hit the road together!

Breakthrough safety system

Automatic release system inspired by ski bindings. Disconnection occurs in two ways:

  • When the towed bike is following the towing one: skidding. The balance of the towed one is not affected. Pressing the brakes (as well as a fall) simply causes immediate disconnection.
  • Seamlessly when the towed overtakes the towing cyclist (negligible force acting sideways to prevent loss of balance).
Adjustment of release force

Skidding force easily adjustable to the mass and riding profile of the towed rider.

Force transfer without taking control of the ride
Automatic seamless release when overtaking
Automatic emergency release

No limits

Allows you to cover longer bicycle routes with children.


Family trips in a pleasant atmosphere, without whining due to fatigue.

Safety & comfort

Ensures riding safety for you and your child. Light and easy to assemble.


We are here to help and answer any question you might have. We look forward to hearing from you.

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